How Mentalhood Might Teach Us These 7 Ways To Raise A Child With Good Moral Values

From teaching kids to speak up for themselves to imparting values like humility, here are some moral values that you should inculcate in your child.


Karisma Kapoor, Sandhya Mridul, Tilothoma Shaw, Shruti Seth, Shilpa Shukla, Dino Morea, and Sanjay Suri are all set to bring various shades of motherhood in Mentalhood, all set to release on March 11. If you have watched the trailer, you would be intrigued by how each actor in their character as a mother deals with the pressures of being a good parent. In one of the instances in the trailer, we did notice how Dino Morea’s character, Aakash, a stay-at-home dad, spoke about a concerning matter regarding his daughter.

In the clip, Aakash has a tussle with one of the busboys and Meira (Karisma Kapoor) stops him. She asks him to not create a scene as it will send the wrong message. This happens after he mentions that his young daughter has been molested by the bus boy. Angered by this statement, Aakash tells Meira to keep her small-town mentality to herself. The scene holds a lot of importance for the very fact that it states how kids need to be taught to speak up when they face adversities.

While we do think that Aakash’s character has brought forth a very important subject to light, there are a few more values that we believe the ZEE5 Original Series will bring forth. Here are some other moral values that we think Mentalhood will tackle in the series.

Good manners

It is essential for kids to learn how to behave with others. Nobody likes or appreciates a kid who doesn’t know how to be nice to people around him/her. Often the blame is put on the parents for their ill-mannered offsprings. A well-mannered kid who is respectful of the people around him/her is not just acknowledged but also appreciated. Don’t just teach them to respect adults or the elders but everyone because they need to learn that each one in their social circle or outside deserves to be treated with respect.


Children need to learn and understand the necessity of being honest. Here, not just the kids but the adults need to make a conscious effort to be as honest around them as they tend to emulate what the elders do. Inculcating such a value helps kids stay out of trouble.

Courage to speak up

Kids don’t understand the importance of speaking up when necessary. Some of them don’t even realise that they are being ill-treated at a young age, molested or bullied. They assume these activities to be a course of life and keep enduring the atrocities. Hence, it is essential to make your kids stand up against wrongdoings and voice their concerns. Matters will only resolve if they are able to speak up.

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Healthy food choices

It is not surprising that kids tend to find an affinity towards junk and unhealthy food. You place some good food options and you’ll always see them choose the unhealthy ones to devour. Even though kids aren’t geniuses at a young age, they are inquisitive and want to know why they are made to do certain things. Hence, as a parent, it is one’s duty to make their kids realise the reason behind the food they are made to eat.


One of the most important values to inculcate to your kids is humility. Being humble and nice to people is a trait that will lead the child to be more approachable and loved by all. While the trait doesn’t really count is a big deal in the earlier years of growing up, it does turn into a life-altering characteristic when one is older, smarter and independent.

Empathy and compassion

Before kids, it is important for parents to understand what empathy and compassion mean. The two pillars that keep the society or social gatherings a happy place, being able to understand the other person’s thoughts and values and being nice to them. Children need to learn at a young age, the power of empathy and how compassion is equally necessary. Imbibe the idea of sharing, helping people out without expecting something in return.

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Optimistic approach

The idea of “when one door closes, another opens”, should be entrenched in a child’s mind at an early age. Humans tend to find themselves in a bad place, mentally, when things don’t go as planned. However, when they are taught at a young age to keep several consolidated plans in hand. Not only does this allow the child to grow into an optimistic person but also helps them be creative with their approach to adversities. It is important that they understand what defeat means but at the same time, how sensible the choice of moving on makes in situations.

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