Ishq Aaj Kal Season 1 Episodes 1-4 Review: Will Alia Find Her Father?

In the first four episodes of Ishq Aaj Kal, Alia starts an internship to find out about her father but her work and career keep her busy.

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Ishq Aaj Kal is the digital spin-off the popular TV show Ishq Subhan Allah. Alia Jaffri is the cousin of Kabeer from Ishq Subhan Allah. She is trying to make her way in the world and takes up a job at a plush hotel. She also wants to find out the truth about her mother’s death. Zara plans to find a job in the hotel industry and go to Mumbai where she will find out if he father actually killed her mother or not. Kabeer and Zara from Ishq Subhan Allah wish her success in her plans.

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Alia takes up takes up an internship at Manali’s Grand Mountain resort to start a new life and a secret mission to unearth the truth about her mother Heena’s murder, Faraz wants to prove that his father, Wasim, was not having an affair with Heena. Shahbaz realises that Alia is going to work for Naaz whom he had problems with in the past. Alia and Faraz ace the tests that the management give them.

In the next episode again, the interns save a hotel’s reputation by stopping a guest from committing suicide. Alia confesses to a friend that she has a crush on Arshad the boss. Arshad is impressed by the interns and decides to throw a party for them. Alia tries to get her father’s death certificate but the police say she doesn’t have the adequate permission.

At Arshad’s party, Faraz dances with Alia and tries to kiss her. The next day Alia finds out that Arshad’s mother is in mentally unstable and is admitted in a hospital. Arshad decides to find out who leaked this information and doesn’t realise that it is actually Faraz. Amaira says that she has feelings for Faraz but she doesn’t hate Alia just because he likes her more.

Munmun tells Alia that she also lost her father at an early age. She reveals that she got into the wrong company when she was small and was forced to smuggle drugs and collect money from the wrong people. At an award ceremony held at the hotel, one woman gets drunk and takes Faraz to her room. She then claims that he tried to rape her. Arshad saves Faraz from going to jail.

Shahbaz tells Kabeer and Zara that he wants to bring Alia back home before she finds out Naaz’s secret and they decide to get her back from the camp. What is this secret? Find out in the upcoming episodes on Zee TV at 8:30 daily and streaming anytime on ZEE5.

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