Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 13 August 2019 Written Update: Poojan Learns About Suman’s Marriage

In tonight's episode, Suman tells Poojan that she is already married to Badal.

Poojan Pandey

In the previous episode of Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki, Shashi goes to Poojan and says that she knows where Suman is but she will tell only if he promises to bring Suman back alive. Poojan goes to the address and sees Suman and Badal sleeping together. He is about to shoot them when he remembers Suman’s childhood memories which makes him weak. He then decides to leave the place and starts walking on the road.

Watch the latest episode below:

In tonight’s episode, Arjun learns about Suman’s truth that she ran away with a guy. His mother asks him to leave the place but he says that he wants to have a word with Poojan. Meanwhile, Poojan tells his wife that he saw Suman sleeping with Badal and thought of killing her there itself but he couldn’t do it because of his emotions.

Badal asks Suman, what would she like to have for breakfast. She starts telling him a list of things but Badal realises that he has little money left. He doesn’t tell it to Suman and assures her that he will try and bring as many things as possible. Before leaving, Badal instructs Suman to not open the door until and unless she hears his voice. A few moments later, Lakhan comes there and kills Chhotu. He then knocks the door and Suman thinks that it is Badal and opens the door. Lakhan immediately catches her and orders his men to kill Badal as soon as he returns.

When Lakhan brings Suman back home, Poojan asks her to stand away. Suman tells him that she has done nothing wrong rather she was about to do so but Badal stopped her and said that they will come close when their parents approve their marriage. Hearing this Poojan gets shattered and remembers the incident when he first saw the Bindi on Suman’s forehead.

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