Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 7 August 2019 Written Update: Will Suman Be Able To Save Badal?

In tonight's episode, Suman sees Poojan's men beating Badal. She records a live video and sends it to news channels.

Suman aka Pranali Rathod

In the previous episode of Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki, Badal’s father tells him to run away with his wife as soon as possible. Poojan and his men are on their way to Badal’s house when they get stuck due to a tree that fell on the road. Just then, Badal and Suman who are riding on a bike, see Poojan’s troop and take another route to get out of the city. interrogates Badal’s family and when they refuse to answer, Poojan orders his men to kill all the family members. Just then the people of Sevaktola gather and save Badal’s family.

Watch the latest episode below:

In tonight’s episode, Badal and Suman come across a police blockade and decide to take a U-turn and find another way to get out of the city. Just then, a constable catches them and ask Badal to remove his helmet and Suman to show her face. Badal and Suman try to run away but get caught.

At home, Arjun and his mother come see Suman and meet his family members. When Poojan returns from Badal’s house, he lies to Arjun that Suman has gone out to buy something and will be returning soon. Later, Poojan talks to him about his career and business and tells him that all the property will eventually become his, as he will be Suman’s husband. 

Suman takes the police officer’s revolver and aks him to stop the jeep. She gets down and goes to the place where Poojan’s men are beating Badal. Suman sees that there are a lot of people and gets an idea to record a live video so that she can get help from the news and people watching her. Back at home, Lakhan calls Poojan and tells him about Suman’s live video. While talking to him, Arjun comes there and hears this discussion. 

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