Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 8 August 2019 Written Update: Badal Protects Suman

In tonight's episode of Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki, the goons are about to rape Suman when Badal reaches there and protects her.

Badal from Jaat Na Poocho prem Ki

In the previous episode of Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki, Badal and Suman come across a police blockade and decide to take a U-turn. Just then, a police constable asks them to show their faces and they get caught. Poojan and his family welcome Arjun and his mother at home. When the police officer takes Suman back home, she snatches his revolver and asks them to stop the car. She then goes to back and sees Badal being beaten by Poojan’s men. She records a video and asks for help.

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In tonight’s episode, Poojan tells Lakhan to find out Suman and Badal at the earliest. A few moments later, news reporters come at Poojan’s house and question him about Suman’s video in which she was seen asking for help. Lakhan asks the reporters to wait in another room so that Arjun and his mother won’t get to know about what is happening.

Arjun comes near Poojan but fortunately, he did not hear anything. Poojan lies to him that Suman is busy with her NGO work which is why she is late. Arjun’s mother questions Poojan who is important for Suman, meeting Arjun or the NGO, but Arjun convinces his mother. 

On the other hand, the goons who were beating Badal find out Suman recording a video. Despite knowing that she is Poojan’s daughter, they decide to rape her. Badal who is tied with a rope is helpless. One of the goon, try to pull Suman’s saree and this infuriates Badal. He breaks the wooden plank he was tied to and comes near Suman to protect her.

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