Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 10 January 2020 Written Update: Baali Poisons Anjani’s Kheer

In tonight's episode, Baali takes poison from Raavan's doctor and uses it to kill Anjani and the child in her womb.

Still from Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram with Maharaj Baali

In the previous episode of Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram, Indra tries to drown Kesari and Anjani inside the cave. Lord Shiva forms Hanuman’s gadah (mace) and breaks a hole in the mountain with it. The water in which Kesari and Anjani are downing goes away and they escape without a scratch. Anjani and Kesari go back to the palace and begin preparing for the godh bharaai ceremony. Jambavan who is one of the oldest beings on earth shows up to help Kesari. Indra is upset as his first attempt fails. He goes to the King of Vanarlok, Baali, and asks him that Kesari’s child will overthrow him from the throne.

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In tonight’s episode,

Baali decides to kill Kesari and Anjani’s child in the womb itself to protect his throne. At the godh bharaai, Jambavan asks the guards to check the people who enter the palace. Jambavan asks them to stop anyone who is not a vanar. Kesari tells Jambavan that this ceremony will not be complete till Baali himself doesn’t bless the child. 

Baali goes to a dark cave inside the mountains where he finds Raavan’s doctor. Baali asks the doctor to give him the strongest poison in the world. The doctor says he doesn’t listen to vanars but when Baali threatens him, he gives the poison. Baali lets one drop of poison fall on the ground and it causes a blast. Lord Shiva tells Parvati that this was all meant to happen. 

Raja Baali reaches the palace and blesses the baby with a long life. Kesari calls everyone to eat lunch including Raja Baali. Anjani says she will only eat the kheer that was offered to Lord Shiva. Baali finds that Sugreev is tasting every dish that is served at the ceremony. He decides to poison the kheer made by his wife, Tara. 

Some kids steal the shell of explosive poison from Baali. Before they find out what is inside, Baali snatches it back from them. He then sees his wife going to Tara’s room and pulls her closer. He says that just like Kesari and Anjani, he wants a child too. Tara gets happy and hugs Baali. While she hugs him, Baali mixes the poison in the kheer.

Next week, Shiva helps Anjani get rid of the poison before it hurts Hanuman and catch a special episode of Hanuman’s birth. Watch another mythological show Paramavtar Shri Krishna, also streaming on ZEE5.