Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 18 March 2020 Written Update: Indra Dev Attacks Maruti

As Maruti is returning home after eating the sun, Indra Dev attacks him. Maruti falls unconscious down to the earth, making Anjani and Vayu Dev panic!

Kahat Hanuman 18 March WU

In tonight’s episode of Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram, Maruti swallows the sun and darkness blankets the earth. Anjani and Kesari worry for their child and send their servants to find him. Rishivar says that there is only one person who has the solution to this situation and that is Mahadev. All of them pray to the deity for Maruti’s safety. On the other hand, Maruti’s hunger is satisfied by the sun and he is overjoyed!

About to take off to earth, Maruti hears Indra Dev’s voice, which stops him. He greets the deva and introduces himself. Indra Dev mocks him for being a flying vaanar. Indra wants to destroy Maruti because he is the enemy of the Indra’s godson Bali, who is Maruti’s paternal uncle. Maruti elongates his tail and wraps Indra Dev with it to dismount him from his elephant-led chariot. Indra Dev and Maruti then have a face-off!

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Indra Dev attacks Maruti with his most powerful weapon, the lightning bolt (Vajra). The latter falls from outer space, down to the earth. Before Maruti lands, Vayu Dev catches him in his arms. He is terrified to see Maruti unconscious. With his magical powers, he tries to revive Maruti, not once but several times, but in vain. Anjani places a fire lamp (diya) on her palm and prays to the shivlinga. Rishivar and Kesari try hard to calm her down!

Anjani has already sensed that Maruti is in terrible danger. She announces that if anything wrong happens to Maruti, she will take her own life. Vayu Dev, as the god of wind, gathers the breath of every living being on earth to restore Maruti’s life. As a result, Anjani, Kesari and all other people start suffocating and collapse! Narad Muni goes Indra Dev and tells him that this is the result of his egoistic actions!

In the next episode, Indra Dev apologizes for attacking Maruti, who forgives him. Because Indra had hurt Maruti’s jaw (hanu), he gives him a new name ‘Hanuman’! He says the earth will know and revere Hanuman for his new identity. Another dev gets angry as the devas did not consult him before blessing Hanuman. Will Maruti face a challenge again?

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