Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 2 Episode 19 Review: Poonam Informs Ananya About Rohit’s Problem

In the latest episode, Poonam gets to know that Rohit is using the money meant for Nikki’s education for his Paris trip.


In the previous episode of Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain, Ananya reaches home and Bani asks her about Rohit. Rohit comes home drunk and feels guilty for not being there with Ananya. Poonam and Rohit lookout for a new house as the former wants him to sell the farmhouse. Rohit tells Poonam that the man in her life is too young for her. She assumes that Ananya must have told him about Abhimanyu. Poonam leaves him alone, and goes to meet Ananya in her office. Ananya tells Poonam that she did not tell Rohit anything.

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In the latest episode, Abhimanyu asks Poonam if she will give him a chance. Poonam tells Abhimanyu that after so many years Rohit betrayed her, and she has no problem with Abhimanyu’s age. Abhimanyu tells Poonam to accompany him for a tour. On the other hand, Ananya feels jealous as Rohit meets Poonam secretly. She starts packing bags for Paris. Rohit is unable to tell her about the financial losses that he suffered in his business. Ananya gets excited as they are going for a vacation to her favourite destination. She makes a to-do list and tells Rohit that she is quite happy about their trip. Ananya tells her friends that Poonam feels that she told Rohit about her and Abhimanyu.

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Poonam reaches home and dadi tells her that she is planning to shift to Canada, and also asks Poonam to move ahead in life as Rohit has Ananya by his side.Dadi tells Poonam to get married again. Poonam lashes out at Sheena for searching for grooms for her. Poonam receives a call from the bank and gets to know that Rohit is using the money meant for Nikki’s education for his Paris trip. She gets shocked to know the truth and visits Ananya. She tells Ananya about Rohit’s financial crisis. Ananya gets shocked to know that Rohit broke Nikki’s fixed deposit.

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