Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain Season 2 Episode 17 Review:Rohit Sees Poonam And Abhimanyu Together

In the latest episode, Rohit leaves Ananya in the event and goes to the café in anger. He gets shocked to see Poonam and Abhimanyu together.


In the previous episode of Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain, Nikki and Bani stay with Rohit and Ananya and get to know that they are trying to have a baby. Cherry goes to meet Harry and the two spend time together. Cherry misunderstands Harry and leaves from the date. Harry gets angry with her, and complains to Ananya. Ananya and Vandy get worried about Cherry. Poonam and Abhimanyu meet each other in a mall and spend time together. Abhimanyu tells Poonam to confess her feelings for him but she lies. Rohit gets into some problem at work and loses a lot of money. Poonam advises him to sell the farmhouse.

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In the latest episode, Ananya talks to Arya and tells him to give some time off to Bani as she needs some break in her life. She informs Arya that bani has taken up a job and the latter seems to be shocked, Arya asks Ananya if Bani has decided to leave him or part ways. On the other hand, Ananya calls Bani and asks for her help. Bani meets Ananya and the latter tells her that Arya came to meet her. Bani helps Ananya in choosing the right outfit for her party.

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Ananya receives a dress as a gift from the company and gets to know that Harry chose it for her. She attends the event and wears the dress sent by Harry as she does not get time to go home and change it. Rohit gets upset seeing Ananya in Harry’s gift and gets into an argument with her. Rohit leaves Ananya in the event and goes to a café. He gets shocked to see Poonam and Abhimanyu together. Ananya tells Sheena that Rohit got angry after knowing that Harry gave her a dress. Rohit gets upset after seeing Poonam with Abhimanyu.

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