Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain Season 2 Episode 6 Review: Poonam Asks Ananya About Pregnancy Test

In the latest episode, Poonam talks to Ananya about the pregnancy test and the later feels bad thinking why did Rohit tell his first wife.


In the previous episode of Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain, Ananya calls Rohit and informs him that she is not pregnant. He gets disappointed and Sheena informs the same to Poonam. Ananya tells her friends that she is feeling guilty that she does not want a baby, as she wants to focus on her work. On the other hand, Poonam gets upset thinking that Rohit has moved on in life, and is happy. Sheena tells Poonam to meet Abhimanyu. After two months, Ananya returns and meets Rohit. But he informs her that he needs to go to Nikki’s college, as the principal wants to meet him. Harry meets Ananya and seeks an apology, Vandy and Cherry wonder what happened between them.

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In the latest episode, Rohit has an argument with Poonam about Nikki, not attending college since 2 months. Poonam blames Rohit about him not talking to Nikki, as he is busy with his life. Ananya calls Rohit and he informs her that Nikki got rusticated from the college. He informs Ananya that he is going to the farmhouse to speak to Nikki. Poonam invites Ananya to the farmhouse. She agrees to come and visit them.

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Poonam makes Rohit understand that he has other responsibilities as well. Ananya’s friends question her intention for visiting Rohit’s other family. Rohit questions Nikki for not going to the college. He scolds her and Nikki cries her heart out. Rohit gets into an argument with his mother, as she supports Nikki. Poonam and Ananya drink tea together and feel awkward. Ananya learns that Poonam knows about the news she received on taking the pregnancy test. Ananya wonders why Rohit told Poonam about her pregnancy test.

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