Laal Ishq Recap: 5 Best Horror Stories Of The Month

From a werewolf’s revenge to a scarecrow's affection, here’s a recap of all the episodes that you may have missed from the last few weeks.

A Still From Laal Ishq

Laal Ishq is a popular TV series that shows various love stories, having a paranormal twist. These thrilling stories show the strong bonds of love between people and also how they overcome evil. Here are some of the stories from the past few weeks, that you might have missed and should definitely check out. 

Watch an episode from the show here.

1. Freeing Hidimba from the mask 

A Still From Laal Ishq
Source: ZEE5

What can a child do, if her family is haunted by a soul-taking demon? In this episode, you will see a terrifying masked demon, trying to kill young Kavya’s entire family, to free his wife Hidimba. Kavya’s parents are taken hostage and her grandmother asks her to seek help from Mahantji, to save them. Watch the full story here to find out what happened to this family.  

 2. Jahnvi’s dangerous toy

A Still From Laal Ishq

Source: ZEE5

When she was a child, Jahnvi’s parents left her alone once at home, when going to work, and she was kept company by her toys. One is specific- the horse who was actually a demon- gets too close to her and tries to kill anyone who would try and separate him, from Jahnvi. When she gets married, the demon turns the entire family into toys. The way brave Jahnvi handles the matter is a must-watch! Check out the episode here.

3. A werewolf’s revenge

A Still From Laal Ishq
Source: ZEE5

In this twisted tale, the guests of a hotel start getting murdered, one by one. It is revealed that all the guests were thieves and a scientist turned werewolf was killing them, to seek revenge for his stolen research. To know how many of them make it alive, watch the full episode here. 

4. Sapna’s vengeance

This story will aggravate you and make you understand that not all haunted souls are bad. When a girl traveling alone gets molested by rowdy boys and dies due to unfortunate events, her soul has only one goal… revenge! Watch here to know how the soul finally finds peace.

5. The scarecrow protects the children

The one who was assumed to be a demon turns out to be a hero. The scarecrow that everyone thought to be evil, tries to protect the children of a village, from the sky demon, who wants to take them away. Find out in the full episode who wins at the end.

We are sure these stories will show you something unexpected and thrilling. Watch these and a lot more stories, you missed, only on Zee5!