Make Your #FlirtingGame Strong With These Tips From Manmohan Tiwari And Vibhuti Mishra!

Stuck at home? Revive your romance with a kiss and these flirting tips by Tiwari and Vibhuti of Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain.

Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain - Flirting

&TV’s most popular comedy daily-soap Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain! not only tickles your funny bone but also helps you with funny ways to flirt with your crush or partner to win them over! Aasif Sheikh essays Vibhuti Narayan Mishra, a flamboyant man who comes up with different methods to woo Angoori bhabi. And Manmohan Tiwari, played by Rohitashv Gour, is a desi gentleman who leaves no stone unturned to seek Anita bhabi’s attention. These two pros are here to give you some tips to make your #FlirtingGame strong!

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1. Vibhuti ji uses Bollywood dialogues.

The festival of Holi was around the corner and Vibhuti Mishra showed up at Angoori bhabi’s kitchen window when she was singing while cooking. Vibhuti segued her song ‘Rang Barse‘ into a flirtatious sentence saying, “I’m longing to paint you in my colour for so long!”

When Angoori bhabi expressed her disgust at the idea of playing Holi, Vibhuti assured her that he won’t use cheap powdered colour with harmful chemicals in them. Intending to tell her about his new business of organic Holi colours, Vibhuti called himself a ‘Rangbaaz’ metaphorically meaning one who has a colourful or vibrant personality.

2. Tiwari ji persuades Anita bhabi.

Anita bhabi was also not keen on celebrating Holi. While drinking coconut water at a stall, Manmohan Tiwari displayed his displeasure loudly by saying “No, bhabi ji, no! There’s absolutely no fun in playing Holi without you.” He expressed his sorrow when Anita replied saying that it would make no difference if she didn’t participate just for once.

3. Vibhuti ji offers to take Angoori bhabi to a romantic place.

As usual, Angoori bhabi is singing while cooking. As soon as Vibhuti hears the lyrics, he offers to take Angoori to a romantic place called Darya Kinara. Upon being asked whether she has been there, Angoori says no but desires to go to Juhu Chowpatty which Vibhuti guesses correctly even though she mispronounces it!

4. Tiwari ji acts cute around Anita bhabi.

Early in the morning, Anita bhabi heads out for a jog and practices a dance routine in front of Tiwari. The latter is excited to see her and holds his kurta and bows down like a ballerina after her performance. Anita bhabi chuckles and slowly tells him that only girls do so while holding their frocks! When Anita asks him to request Angoori for something on her behalf, Tiwari says, “Jo hukum”, meaning “your wish is my command!”

5. Vibhuti ji doesn’t mind Angoori bhabi’s mistakes.

Angoori bhabi has misbehaved with Vibhuti by mistake. When she apologises and says that she is embarrassed, Vibhuti pacifies her kindly. He says that she doesn’t need to be ashamed because he didn’t mind it. Angoori asks the reason behind the same and Vibhuti admits that he loves her, but says so in a language that she can’t follow. Angoori neither understands his voice nor his English!

6. Tiwari ji considers himself Anita bhabi’s bodyguard.

Anita bhabi is at her home when Tiwari enters asking, “Bhabi ji ghar par hain?” When Anita responds, he notices that she was on a phone call and something is bothering her. Tiwari inquires and learns that someone is ruining her peace and happiness. “Tell me who that person is and I will pull out his kidneys by sticking my hand into his mouth!” says Tiwari as he cannot see Anita sad and worried.

7. Vibhuti ji offers a helping hand to Angoori bhabi.

Angoori bhabi is tensed regarding a ritual that has to be performed for Amma ji. Vibhuti asks her about the concern and she replies saying that her husband Tiwari has refused to go with her to Dhobi Ghat. As this ritual can only be done by a man, Angoori has no other option. But interestingly, Vibhuti gives her a hint that there’s one more man in her life. He jokingly says,”when will this neighbour be of some good help!”

8. Tiwari ji congratulates Anita bhabi multiple times.

Anita bhabi has entered politics and achieved a chair position! Tiwari goes to her office with a bouquet of flowers. When Anita asks when did he come, Tiwari blabbers that he has come into her life since the time he has fallen for her. On being enquired about the reason for his arrival, Tiwari forgets why is there. He says that he has come to congratulate her but she reminds him that he has done it already.

9. Vibhuti ji writes poetry (Urdu shayari) for Angoori bhabi.

Angoori bhabhi pretends to be busy with work as a civil contractor. Vibhuti arrives on a cycle cart with a biker’s outfit and helmet! He asks her to build a bridge as a symbol of his love. She says that it’ll be done only if he provides the material. Very poetically, Vibhuti counts the metaphorical bricks and cement that he has. But, Angoori insists on charging a fee, to which Vibhuti replies, “Jaan de dein?”

10. Tiwari ji acts like a little child in front of Anita bhabi.

Anita bhabi is giving English coaching classes to the men of Modern Colony, which includes Tiwari as well. When Anita asks him how he’s feeling, Tiwari acts like a little boy and says, “Teacher, teacher, I’m having a lot of fun!” Anita is bewildered and scolds him, asking him to act his age. Tiwari says that he is at the coaching classes only to hear Anita speaking in English. He adds that all the other subjects are very boring for him!

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