Mata Yashoda Or Mata Devaki: Whose Introductory Scene Left You Speechless?

One of the actresses had a dream sequence while one showcased immense courage in Paramavatar Shri Krishna.

Mata Devaki And Mata Yashoda From Paramavtar Shri Krishna

And TV’s popular mythological show Paramavatar Shri Krishna is ruling over viewers’ hearts ever since it began. The ardent viewers have time and again showered their praises on every principal character, be it Bal Krishna or the tyrant ruler Kans. Apart from the male characters, this epic tale of Lord Krishna features some strong female characters, who are understanding, virtuous and fearless.

Mata Devaki and Mata Yashoda had these above qualities in them which is perfectly shown in the serial. Whenever there’s a mention of Mata Devaki and Mata Yashoda, we can’t stop thinking about their introductory scenes in the show that left us speechless. While Mata Devaki is introduced in a very beautifully shot scene, which sees her getting woken up when she is dreaming about her cute little child who says that he is arriving soon.

Whereas, Mata Yashoda’s entry scene perfectly showed her immense courage and the soft motherly emotions she has towards kids. She comes across as a shield for Gokul’s other kids when Kans’ soldiers try to attack them, by hitting with a long whip. Take a look at the first episode and decide for yourself:

Indeed, both their scenes gave a great introduction to these epic characters of Mata Devaki and Mata Yashoda, with the way they were shot and performed onscreen.

Let us know whose introductory scene among the two left you speechless: Mata Yashoda’s Or Mata Devaki’s?

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