Meet The Cast Of ZEE5 Original Series Karenjit Kaur: The Untold Story Of Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone leads the cast of the two-season long ZEE5 original Karenjit Kaur: The Untold Story of Sunny Leone; tracing her extraordinary life journey

1. Sunny Leone plays herself

Sunny Leone on the sets of Karenjit Kaur
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Former adult movie entertainer and Bollywood celebrity Sunny Leone plays her own self in her biopic series. Titled Karenjit Kaur: The Untold Story of Sunny Leone, the ZEE5 original drama features more than one Sunny or rather Karenjit though. Take a moment to wrap your head around that one!

The two-part drama introduces us to “Gogu,” a simple, middle-class Sikh girl who enters the porn industry. After a helluva family drama and a rollercoaster ride, Gogu aka Karen became Sunny Leone. The web series traces this very becoming of the brand, on the personal and professional front.

2. Actress Grusha Kapoor plays Sunny Leone's mother

Sunny Leone with actress Grusha Kapoor
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Karenjit, popularly known as Sunny Leone’s mother Balwant Kaur Vohra was no exception to any Indian concerned mother. Mrs Vohra had a sense of humour too; the series portrays her with a closet alcoholic. Actress Grusha Kapoor played the part of Sunny’s mommy.

3. Actor Bijay Anand plays Sunny Leone's father

Sunny Leone with actor Bijay Anand
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Popular actor Bijay Anand essays the role of Sunny Leone’s father Jaspal Singh Vohra. As depicted in the docudrama, Sunny shared a strong bond with her daddy who taught her to be independent early on in her life.

4. Karamvir Lamba is seen as Sunny Leone's brother Sundeep Vohra

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Karamvir Lamba portrays the character of Sunny Leone’s younger brother Sundeep Vohra. Interestingly, it was after his nickname Sunny that Gogu/Karenjit picked her name whilst entering the adult film industry. Sunny and Sundeep are thick as thieves!

5. Marc Buckner plays Sunny Leone's husband Daniel Weber

Marc Buckner, Sunny Leone on the sets of Karenjit Kaur The Untold Story
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Daniel Weber has played a major role in Sunny Leone’s life journey. Since Daniel wasn’t available to essay the part himself, the makers roped in Cape Town-based model Marc Buckner to play Sunny’s husband.

Did you know Marc even got similar tattoos like Daniel?

6. Rysa Saujani plays younger Sunny Leone aka Karen

Rysa Saujani with Sunny Leone
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During her childhood days, Sunny was settled in Ontario, Canada before moving to the United States of America. 14-year-old Rysa Saujani brings this very crucial part of the actress’ journey to life in the series. Rysa plays the role of young Sunny, from the age of 12-13 up to 15.

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Keep watching ZEE5 for the season finale of Karenjit Kaur: The Untold Story of Sunny Leone comes out on 5 April 2019.