Mental Health Week: An Open Letter To Self

We indulge in exercises, entertainment, and things that drive us towards happiness. But we also need to focus on our mental health.

Karisma Kapoor in Mentalhood

The world celebrates Mental Health Week from 18th to 24th May each year. During this crucial time when humanity is fighting the deadly coronavirus and survival is the only aim, all of us have been through a lot these past few weeks. There are many thoughts that may have crossed our minds in the last few weeks, thoughts like what will happen, what is to come, our mind keeps wandering during such a time. While some have had anxiety attacks, some have gone to recollecting their past, reminiscing old times, or even remembering and being inspired by old experiences. Some have started journaling and writing about their life during the lockdown.

Similarly, here I am writing a letter to myself, just a note to forgive, stay happy, and just #PushOffTheLoad for a healthier mental state.

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Dear Self,

I have known you since I have known earth and its creatures. Maybe I have not loved you as much as I should have, but today I must take out time to be grateful. Remember that time when school was a difficult place and the girls would not stop mocking me? You stayed strong and helped me overcome the inferiority complex. You helped me overcome my fear of mirrors, for what was there to look at? An ordinary person. But you made me believe that even if no one stood beside me, you would. You made the ordinary person dream about extraordinary travel trips, fashion statements, and everything that was impossible. And yet slowly you helped me work towards achieving these dreams bit by bit.

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

Remember how tortured we were after that first heartbreak, it felt as if the world had stopped. But my tears were not wasted, I remember how I talked to you and how we forgave the person and moved on. Because life is beautiful and some people are just commas, paragraphs, or chapters. But we are the ones that live the entire book from one chapter to another. So easily, you taught me one more of life’s lessons. You made me realise that all I needed was you and that together we can definitely find happiness.

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

I am sorry that I have not been very kind to you, self. But I promise that the future looks bleak but together we would make it bright. We will go on forgiving those who hurt us, we would forever help the needy. But most of all, I promise to never forget you, dear self. I am surprised at how we have lived this journey from hatred to love, an ever-growing love!

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

Every year, 46% of the cause of death is depression. Suicides are increasing at an alarming rate and to stop this, there is only one way, fall in love with your self. Know who you are, what is your purpose and throw away the impure negative thoughts of hatred, jealousy, fury. On this day today, during the Mental Health Week, let us pledge to take care of ourselves.

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