Meri Hanikarak Biwi Upcoming Twist: Ira and Mishri To Meet With An Accident

Just when you thought that everything was going smooth, Ira and Mishri meet an accident and an unimaginable thing happened to them.

In the recent past of Meri Hanikarak Biwi, we saw, Ira has come back into Akhilesh’s life with the help of their daughter Mishri. Now, it was a great joy for all the fans to see their favourite Jodi together again. In the current plot, we see Ira has been appointed as Akhilesh’s secretary and Kunika who wants to get the property of Akhilesh with the help of Devina, is acting as if she is blind.

Watch the latest episode below:

After the secret of Kunika gets revealed before Akhilesh she tries to hide her mistakes but Akhilesh doesn’t listen to her. We are sure that Kunika won’t stay longer in Akhilesh’s life but that’s just an assumption as it also depends upon how Akhilesh will react to her mistake. We were excited to see the reunion of Akhilesh, Ira and Mishri but then this promo which was shared on the social media has got us shocked. Before talking further, take a look at the promo below:

In the promo, we see Ira and Mishri are travelling in a car together and their car gets hit by a speeding truck. The car tosses in the air and gets fully destroyed. The weird thing that we noticed is Ira is on the stretcher and calling for Mishri, while Mishri is also lying on the stretcher but we see another Mishri standing near her body. She then comes near Ira and when she smiles her eyes seem like a robotic light. As we were about to assume if Mishri has died we see Akhilesh holding Mishri’s hand and walking with her.

What exactly has happened to Mishri? Has she died? Or has she turned into a robot? If yes, then how? With so many questions on our mind, we are waiting for the Maha-episode in which we will see this incident.

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