Meri Hanikarak Biwi: Will Mishri’s Secret Get Revealed In Front Of Ira And Pushpa?

The robot, which looks like Mishri, is grabbing everyone's attention.

A still from Meri Hanikarak Biwi

Meri Hanikarak Biwi has always surprised us with interesting twists and turns in the show. After the show took the leap of 5 years, a new character was introduced in the show, Mishri the daughter of Ira and Akhilesh. After a lot of problems and difficulties, Mishri meets her father and they are about to start a happy life with the family. But apparently, Ira and Mishri meet with an accident.

In case you missed the show, watch it below:

Ira and Mishri both get critically injured and both are brought to the hospital by Akhilesh. Hearing the news of the accident, Pushpa gets a heart attack and even her condition is critical. The doctor tells Akhilesh that he was able to save Pushpa and Ira but his daughter Mishri is still in a coma and has no idea if she will recover or not. He further tells that Ira’s brain has gone through a major shock and on the other hand Pushpa has had a second heart attack.Both of them are not fully recovered that is why he has to take care of them and make sure that nothing should make them panic as it could be life-threatening for them.

With the help of Ira’s brother, Akhilesh brings a robot who looks exactly like Mishri and tells everyone that its Mishri but because her brain went into shock, she won’t be able to behave like a normal people for a while. Though this sounds unrealistic, it is the only hope to save Ira and Pushpa from getting into shock again.

Take a look at the promo shared on the social media below:

While we understand the seriousness of the plot we also feel that it is interesting to watch how Akhilesh tries to make everyone believe that Mishri is totally normal even after seeing her abnormal actions. One such action will be seen in the coming episode as Devina asks Mishri to go to school but Akhilesh replies to her saying she doesn’t need to go to the school as she knows everything already. Devina gets shocked to hear this and asks Mishri few generic questions and to her surprise, Mishri answered everything right.

Will this knowledge of Mishri be the reason to reveal the secret? Watch tonight’s episode to find out.

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