Mother’s Day 2019: Give Your Mom The Best Gift, SHARE An Amazing Story About Her With Us

With Mother's Day around the corner, you're probably scrambling to get a gift. How about penning a letter to her and we will feature it on our site!

Mugdha Chaphekar with Sriti Jha on Kumkum Bhagya sets

Social media declarations of love are just so cliche. With Mother’s Day 2019 around the corner, all you kids must be gearing up to buy your mommy dearest a well-thought present with a heartfelt note. But we can suggest you a priceless gesture that will not only cost you nothing but also put a million dollar smile (perhaps happy tears too) on her face! Give your mom a break from all the quintessential millennial ways of showing your love for her and take the old school route – letters!

The smell of letters lingers longer and far after unlike your social media posts that die down in 24 hours! Thus, this Mother’s Day we are inviting you all to pen down your thoughts and everything you feel for your mother in a letter. After all, we don’t get tired of telling our significant other how much we love them over unlimited messages, but how many times do we stop to tell our mother a simple ‘I love you?’ Do it this year!

Let’s not forget to show our gratitude for the one woman who has always made us her priority and never stopped from looking out for us. You can write about how she is inspires you, or talk about the best Mother’s Day memory, or simply share that message you have for her, something that will mean to her more than materialistic gifts.

Write a letter to your mother and send it to us, we will post it for you, here on our site. E-mail your story to You can also paste it in the COMMENTS section below. 

Take that pen and start putting your feelings on paper, Or simply write to us.

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