Muddu From Gudiya Hamari Sabhi Pe Bhari Shares Tips To Stay Healthy During Winters!

Winter is coming, but are you prepared for it? Worry not, Sarrtaj Gill aka Muddu gives us the tips to stay healthy and fit during the winter season.

Gudiya Hamari Sabhi Pe Bhari: Muddu The Pehelwan

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Sarrtaj Gill will be playing the character of Muddu in the popular show Gudiya Hamari Sabhi Pe Bhari. And, this news has got us all excited. We had earlier told you about Sarrtaj’s exclusive chat with us where he shared about his character and his family in detail. Have you missed it? Then, click here.

Watch the latest episode of the show below:

While this was one piece of news that triggered excitement, what caught our attention is something that we recently saw on social media. The something was Muddu sharing tips on staying healthy and fit during winters. Are you interested to know what they are? Check it out below.

2. Gudiya Hamari Sabhi Pe Bhari: Replace Your Normal Tea With Ginger Or Herbal Tea

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A cup of tea in the morning is undoubtedly every Indian’s favorite energizer. Add some spice and warmth to your regular tea by adding some Ginger to it. Ginger can treat many forms of nausea and it also helps in reducing muscle pain and soreness. For those, who prefer a healthier version of tea, you can have some warm herbal tea that gives your energy a boost and also helps soothe a sore throat.

3. Gudiya Hamari Sabhi Pe Bhari: Use Moisturizer And A Lip Balm

A still from Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain
A still from Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain

One of the first signs of winter are the wrinkles on the face, which can easily scare anyone. Dry skin is a common problem during the weather, which causes wrinkles. A moisturizer can help you beat this problem. Apart from this you also need to take special care of your lips because the skin there is sensitive and succumbs easily to drying in the weather. A long-lasting lip balm could help your lips stay moisturized all day.

4. Gudiya Hamari Sabhi Pe Bhari: Carry A Sweater Or A Jacket

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This is especially for the people living in northern India, for whom the temperatures in their offices and homes fall drastically. Muddu recommends carrying a sweater or a jacket to stay warm and comfortable while working.

5. Gudiya Hamari Sabhi Pe Bhari: Add Cotton Clothes To Your Wardrobe

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Dressing according to the season is usually beneficial to keep yourself comfortable. Like wear khadi or linen during summer is recommended, you may want to wear cotton or similar material clothes that will help you stay warm during winters.

6. Gudiya Hamari Sabhi Pe Bhari: Take Supplements

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Today we live such a busy life that we ignore our body while running around to complete our daily tasks. In such scenarios, it is always helpful to be ready for the cold or flu by taking supplements that help the body to stay active and protect you from getting sick.

7. Gudiya Hamari Sabhi Pe Bhari: Plan A Vacation

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In a public survey, people voted winter as their favorite season for vacations. Planning a vacation trip with your family or friends is something that most of us await. And, what better than going on holiday in winter! In India, most of the tourist spots have special discounts during winters. Yes, it’s time to rejuvenate.

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