National Safe Motherhood Day: Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy From Bhabi Ji’s Saumya Tandon

Actress Saumya Tandon is a mother who can balance taking care of her baby with a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few tips that can be taken from her!

Saumya Tandon with husband and baby

National Safe Motherhood Day is observed on 11 April every year, as an initiative of White Ribbon Alliance India (WRAI). Any woman will tell you that she would prefer taking advice about pregnancy and neonatal care from someone who has actually gone through the process. Regardless of how fit or qualified, someone is, if they haven’t had a baby of their own, they can’t truly understand what a new mom goes through. That is why actress Saumya Tandon is the perfect role model for any new mother.

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The leading lady of the &TV series Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain and host of Dance India Dance is the mother of an adorable one-year-old. Not only did Saumya return to great shape within months of her delivery, but she also found an excellent routine that worked for her. Here is some invaluable advice from this mom to all moms on how to have a safe pregnancy and enjoy motherhood.

Tips for a peaceful pregnancy

Saumya swears by yoga and has found it to be one of the safest and most effective forms of exercise to do during pregnancy. In her Instagram posts, the actress admits to doing yoga under the guidance of her guru. She finds that the Goumukhasana pose is great for stretching tight glutes and especially beneficial for expectant mothers. Saumya advises all pregnant women to first check with their doctors if it is safe for them to do yoga before practising it. She also recommends having an instructor present to supervise your session. Here’s a video she shared of herself doing Surya Namaskar modified for pregnant women.

Breastfeeding benefits

Saumya Tandon is a big advocate of breastfeeding. Having gone through the process with her own child, the new mom talks about the benefits to both mother and child in an article published in Hindustan Times. The nutrients and immunity provided to the baby by the mother’s milk are unsurpassed by any other form of feeding. The TV star encourages all mothers to breastfeed their babies if they can. In the article, she also talks about how breastfeeding helped her to lose a ton of weight. Having put on about 12 Kgs during her pregnancy, the new mom was surprised to find that she had lost 14 Kgs simply by nursing her baby!

Walking to good health

Through her own example, Saumya has shown that walking 45 minutes each day after dinner is a great exercise for a new mother. She started this practice ten days after delivery and continued until the 45-day mark when she was able to slowly get back to her normal routine. The walking helped her to regain her strength and muscle tone and every mother should give it a go.

During this time of the Coronavirus #lockdown, Saumya Tandon’s Twitter feed is full of loving and encouraging messages about staying home and helping the less fortunate. You can catch this actress who is beautiful inside and out, on ZEE5, doing what she does best.

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