Siddhivinayak’s Rudra Aka Gaurav S Bajaj Recommends Arranged Marriage, Here’s Why

Gaurav S Bajaj tells the secret of how to keep any marriage intact.


Gaurav S Bajaj aka Rudra is someone who we love to hate. After his smashing entry in And TV’s popular show Siddhivinayak, the plot witnessed an interesting twist in the love story of Siddhi (played by Farnaz Shetty) and Vinayak aka Vin (played by Nitin Goswami). The ones who love watching the show will surely know that Rudra’s character is after Siddhi, his stepbrother Vin’s wife. But in real life, the actor is totally the reverse of what he is showcases on the small screen as the cunning Rudra.

Source: Instagram

In real life, not many would know that he is a happily married man and is someone who even highly recommends an arranged marriage. It was in one of Gaurav’s earlier interviews, where the actor spoke happily about it. He said, “We (He and his wife Sakshi) had an arranged marriage. I highly recommend an arranged marriage because I am really happy with my arranged marriage. It’s all about giving each other their space, respecting each other, being who you are, understanding each other and spending time with each other is a must. This is secret of keeping any marriage intact.” That’s something every girl would expect from her partner but apparently, the on-screen character of Gaurav is exactly the opposite, have a look:

“Also, having a non-industry wife helps a lot to make life easier as once I come back from my shoot we have other topics to talk about apart from shooting. It relaxes me. But I am not against marrying girls from the same industry. Choosing a life partner is a personal choice,” added the actor. Without a doubt, Gaurav is head-over-heels in love with his wife Sakshi. The beautiful couple tied the knot on December 11, 2013.

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