Sunburn 2019: 8 Popular Tracks By Top Artists On The Line-up This Year To Raise The Hype

Sunburn 2019 is just around the corner, here's a list of the top tracks from some of the biggest names on the line-up this year.

1. Faded By Alan Walker

Kaali 2
Kaali 2

Sunburn 2019 is fast approaching with the first phase of the line-up already announced. With Martin Garrix and the Chainsmokers as the headlining acts, this year Goa promises to be the most happening place in the country this December. Another big act from the Sunburn Arena this December is the Alan Walker Tour of Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi.

Watch the first phase of artist line-up announced this year here.

Alan Walker was only 18-years-old when he came up with Faded. Since then the track has managed to stay as one of the biggest dance favourites. It catapulted Alan Walker to a level of stardom and talent that hasn’t fallen off since then. Watch him play this song as well his entire performance at Sunburn 2018 on ZEE5.

2. Don't Let Me Down by The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers work with talented vocalists to create some of the most path-breaking pop music. This track from 2016 has managed to stay relevant and remain a popular dance track  whether you are partying at a club or in your house. Watch them this December at Sunburn or live stream it at home on ZEE5.

3. Closer By The Chainsmokers

Simba - The King Lion
Simba - The King Lion

Closer is another hit from the producer duo Chainsmokers. This time they teamed up with Pop singer Halsey to product a massive hit. It broke the record for spending the most week at the top of the charts.

4. Animals By Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix, another headliner for this years Sunburn is a legend in his own right. Worshipped by fans of EDM and other DJ’s alike, his song Animals got him internation acclaims and awards galore. Watch this clip of fans ‘experiencing’ Martin Garrix at Sunburn 2018. 

5. Scared To Be Lonely by Martin Garrix


Martin Garrix collaborated with popular singer Dua Lipa to deliver a massive hit. Martin Garrix wanted this song to have deeper lyrics which is unusual in the EDM genre. This song went on to become a platinum record selling over a million copies.

Something Just Like This By Chainsmokers

No Problem on ZEE5
Source: ZEE5

What happens when one of the best producer duo collaborate with one of the biggest bands in the world? Well, Something just like this. The song was an instant hit with soothing and deep lyrics of Coldplay on the peppy dance beats by the Chainsmokers.

7. Udd Gaye by Ritviz

salman khan anil kapoor bipasha basu in no entry poster
salman khan anil kapoor bipasha basu in no entry poster

One of the biggest acts representing India on the Sunburn stage is Ritviz. He shot to fame with his popular track Udd Gaye and the unusual video that came with it. He maintained his position as one of India’s finest DJ’s and EDM producers with the songs that followed like Jeet. Watch a glimpse of his performance at Sunburn Campus.

8. On My Way Alan Walker

Closing this list is another gem by Alan Walker. This song gained much popularity after it was used in the popular mobile game PUBG which has also become quite popular among Indians.

Watch him this December live in your city and grab the early tickets to the shows in Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai. If  you can’t make it to any of the cities, or if you are in Delhi and cannot go outdoors, stream the concert on ZEE5.