These Adorable Moments Of Karan Suchak With His Buddy Will Brighten Up Your Day

Meet Karan Suchak's, aka Akhilesh Pandey of Meri Hanikarak Biwi, best friend in real life... and no, it's not who you think.

Karan Suchak With His Best Friend

Let’s talk about a man’s best friend, yes you got it right. In less than a second you’ve understood that we are talking about dogs, didn’t you? Who needs an introduction to the best creature to mankind? To be honest, having a dog is bliss because it is equal to having a buddy all the time with you. Trust me there is no selfless soul who will care for you more than they do. One such lucky celeb is Karan Suchak aka Akhilesh from Meri Hanikarak Biwi, who has a special member in his life and his name is Leo. The actor’s doggo has the most innocent eyes. Karan often shares pictures of his adorable moments with Leo and trust us, they made our day brighter…Take a look…

You and I in this beautiful world!

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Jo mera hai wo tera hai, jo tera hai wo mera.

When someone looks at you like this when you are late ☹

Tv actors for life and this applies to their pets too! The Palat moment.

They just know you are there for them and they are there for you.

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How time flies #Leo

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When their little paws make an impression on your heart.

When you got them yummy food and they want to appreciate your efforts.

Innocence is best seen in the dog’s eye.

Everyone has their own fears and its ok to be afraid!

When they want to tell you how much they love you!

We are pretty sure that you have fallen in love with Leo by now and are thinking of adopting a puppy after seeing these cute moments between the two.

Adopt and share a picture with your furry friend in the comments below.