This Avatar Of Angoori Bhabi Made Us Miss Sridevi More Than We Already Do

You won’t believe who came up with the idea of using Charlie Chaplin’s look for Angoori bhabi.

Shubhangi from Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain

Shubhangi Atre Poorey, also known by her onscreen name Angoori Bhabhi, is one of the most popular characters till date. Thanks to Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain, the character has now become a household name and enjoys a crazy fan following today, have a look at one of the episodes below:

Following up with the funny entertaining tracks in And TV’s popular show, recently the actress got a chance to don a different get-up. It really came as a surprise to many when Angoori Bhabhi’s character ditched her saree avatar and was seen donning the look of none other than Charlie Chaplin. Like this look of Shubhangi as Charlie Chaplin came online, many truly felt it as a loving tribute to India’s first female superstar Sridevi, who had donned this similar look in her science fiction drama Mr India (1987). Have a look at the picture shared by the actress on her social media account:

But the surprise doesn’t end here! It is now that we have finally known that who had come up with the suggestion for taking up this Charlie Chaplin’s look in the show. No points for guessing, it is none other than Shubhangi herself!

Talking about the same to a leading daily, the actress said on resembling Sridevi’s look: “Srideviji stood out in all her performances, especially that of Charlie Chaplin in Mr India. A mere resemblance to her character itself would mean a lot to anyone and I consider it a real honour that I am getting an opportunity to do so. She has been a true role model for so many of us including me and it is with great pride that I am attempting to bring back memories of her time.”

Further, she commented about this new appearance where she said, “Angoori is quite capable of doing such pagalpanti! I had suggested the Charlie Chaplin look to the team and I am thrilled to play this character. Playing the legendary comedian and being able to perfectly enact him is a huge challenge. Viewers have often seen Angoori in her traditional attire and this would be a starkly different avatar. I am curious to know what viewers will think about Angoori’s new look. In terms of comedy and entertainment, they can surely expect much more throughout this track.”

Isn’t that interesting. Well, we must say that Sridevi had given a tribute to Charlie Chaplin on the big screen, and Shubhangi Atre aka our Angoori Bhabhi has given a perfect tribute on the small screen to both these iconic stars. Don’t you agree with us? Let us know in the comments section below.