Vikram Betaal: 7 Stories That Explain Why Vikramaditya Deserved The Most Powerful Throne

With the final episode of Vikram Betaal, we saw how he conquered the throne of Sinhasan Battisi. Here are 7 stories that explain why he deserved it.

1. How It All Started

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The story of Vikram Betaal is quite popular and has been passed on to by our ancestors since childhood. This story was presented in a new avatar with the name Vikram Betaal Ki Rahasya Gatha. The show did quite. The actors who portrayed the roles of Vikram, Betaal and Bhadrakal were Aham Sharma, Aayam Mehta and Sooraj Thapar. The show tele-casted its last episode on 25th May 2019. With around 150 episodes, the show was a good entertainer.

Take a look at the last episode of the show:

In the final episode, we saw Vikramaditya finally claiming the throne of Sinhasan Battisi by defeating Bhadrakal. Today, we thought of sharing some epic episodes that proved why Vikramaditya deserved the throne. The first story starts with the stars, no we are not mistaken. The story of Vikramaditya took place due to the scarcity of food in his kingdom. One of his mantris tells him that it is because of the position of the stars. To avoid this famine which can prolong for 50 years, he has to deviate the stars, Rohini and Pushyak, and change their courses. While doing so Vikramaditya gets critically injured and is about to die. Just then Bhadrakal arrives and saves the kings life with his magic and asks for a favour from the king(bringing Betaal).

2. Vikramaditya Meets Betaal

Vikram meets Betaal
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As promised to return the favour of Bhadrakal, Vikramaditya is on his way to find the spirit of Betaal. He sees a dead body hanging on a tree upside down. After moving close he comes to know that it is Betaal and tells him that he has come to take him to Bhadrakal, and listening to this Betaal starts laughing. Vikram then catches hold of Betaal’s tail and surprises him with his power and wisdom. After knowing that he was the one who deviated the stars Rohini and Pushyak, he thinks that he might also be able to kill Bhadrakal. Betaal agrees to come with Vikram but only one condition that he will narrate him stories and at the end of it will be a question which Vikram has to answer, and if he is wrong then Betaal will kill him and if he is right then Betaal will fly back to the tree.

3. Betaal's Story

Betaal as Vishnugupt
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After narrating many stories to Vikram, Betaal was once unable to remember any of the stories. This happened because Bhadrakal asked the Panchatatva to erase Betaal’s memories. This led to Betaal forgetting his memory except the core memories. He then decided to tell his own story. As he continues, he narrates to him about being a great Samaritan named Vishnugupt who wanted the people of his kingdom to have no miseries in life and live a happy life. He was then misled by his childhood friend Bhadrakaal who made him believe that the deity he has been praising is incapable of feeding his own children, which is why he wants him to take part in a ritual. This was the worst mistake of Vishnugupt’s life, ‘coz when he came to know about how Bhadrakal had manipulated him it was too late.

4. Devi's Anusuya's Loyalty

Devi Anusuya
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Once upon a time, Devi Anusuya, who was known to be a loyal wife to Rishi Atri, was tested by the goddess’ Saraswati, Lakshmi and Parvati. They came on earth and went to Rishi Atri’s ashram and told Devi Anusuya that they are Rishi Atri’s wives. Even after knowing this, Anusuya accepted it and treated them as sisters. Later when the Rishi came back, Anusuya saw that the three ladies vanish. The three goddesses sent their husbands to test the loyalty of Anusuya. Bramha, Vishnu and Mahesh disguise as Sadhus and ask Anusuya to serve them food; but the condition was. Betaal asks Vikramaditya that how will she pass this test. He replies that Devi Anusuya accepts the three Sadhus as her kids and for a mother, being undressed before her child does not malign her loyalty towards her husband.

5. Ardhanari Nateshwar

Vikram-aur-Betaal Ardha Naari
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We have seen the avatar of Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati where both of them are merged, but do you know the story behind it? This story was also included in the Betaal Pachhisi as so was in the show Vikram Betaal. Lord Shiva’s daughter Narmada was married to Kameshwar. In one incident, he was cursed for disrespecting sage Mandata. After Narmada plea to take his curse back, Mandata tells her that only the confluence of Lord Shiva and Parvati can save him from the curse. Betaal questions Vikramaditya about Lord Shiva’s decision and the latter replies that with this avatar of Lord Shiva and Parvati, they set an example of a bonding that will help every individual to do the right karma and believe in the power of unity.

6. Lord Shiva's Son-in-law Becomes His Enemy

Vikram-aur-Betaal Banar
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The mythological stories of Hindus have a lot of twists and turns and also are very much interrelated to each other. Here is one story of Lord Shiva and his son-in-law who turned out to be his enemy. There was a demon who was destined to be killed in the future by the individual named Banar. But in the present time,  he was just a newborn. Goddess Parvati requested Shiva to transform Banar into a fully grown man. Despite informing her about the consequences, Parvati insisted on the same. Shiva transformed the newborn into a fully grown man and he went and killed the demon and married Shiva’s daughter. Due to his unnatural growth, he became arrogant and even tried to attack Shiva. Betaal asked Vikram that why did he do so? He replied if we try to change the future then it will only worsen the problems. It is always better to live in the present and avoid the consequences.

7. Sinhasan Battisi

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After answering the right answers to all the questions, he went on to kill Bhadrakal who misled Betaal and tried to use his powers to accomplish his cruel intentions. With this, Vikramaditya proved that he was the rightful owner of the throne. After King Vikramaditya sat on the throne, he was known to be the most honourable king. Betaal, who’s revenge was completed, left Vikramaditya and his kingdom. It is said that after the death of Vikramaditya, many kings tried to achieve the throne but none of them succeeded. Later the throne vanished and was never found ever again.

With this enthralling episode, the fantasy show Vikram Betaal came to an end. Let us know how was your expereince watching the show.

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