Why Badlapur Is An Important Lesson In Forgiveness

They say there is nothing greater than the power of forgiveness and this Varun Dhawan-starrer echoes this thought.

Varun Dhawan And Yami Gautam On The Poster Of Badlapur

Sriram Raghavan’s Badlapur is a gripping thriller that builds on the idea of revenge. Raghu is a regular man, enjoying a blissful life in Pune with his wife and kid. His world is turned upside down when his family gets killed during a bank robbery, carried out by Liak (played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui) and his partner Harman (Vinay Pathak)

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The incident makes him bitter and vengeful, where only killing the culprit will give him peace. Liak kills Raghu’s family, but convinces the police that it was his partner who did so.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui As Liak In Badlapur
A still from the film starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui As Liak

Throughout the film, we are on Raghu’s side as we want him to get justice. There’s a sense of relief when Liak gets caught and is given a jail sentence of 20 years. But Raghu isn’t satisfied and wants to kill the man who murdered his family, little knowing that Liak is the one. As viewers, you can’t help but relate to Raghu’s state of mind and justify his wish.

But time and again we are faced with scenes where the characters are talking about how pointless seeking revenge is They question whether Raghu would live in peace, even after killing the culprit. It’s here where we begin to reflect on Raghu’s motives.

He is constantly approached by Shobha (played by Divya Dutta), a social worker who works towards the rehabilitation of prisoners. She reveals to Raghu that Liak has been detected with stomach cancer and has one year to live. She asks him to allow Liak’s release to seek treatment and die a dignified death.

But Raghu refuses and it’s here when Divya says something profound that makes you think; she says to Raghu, “Whether you help Liak or not, he will be freed within a year anyway as it’s God’s decision. But what will happen to you? There’s not a single picture of your son or wife in the room. You are stuck in your own jail.”

It is a powerful statement by Shobha that makes us realise Raghu’s sorry state. It makes you picture the pitiful life he would lead, if he doesn’t forgive his enemy. Here, we are reminded that forgiveness is not for others but for one’s own peace of mind.

In the ending scene, Raghu is approached by Liak’s ladylove Jhimli (played by Huma Qureshi) who informs him of his death. She tells Raghu that he has gotten a second chance at life and should make the most of it. Before walking away, she asks him, “Either way, you have gotten your revenge. Now, what will you do?”

Varun Dhawan And Huma Qureshi In A Still From Badlapur
A still from Badlapur starring Varun Dhawan and Huma Qureshi

This sheds light on how Raghu, despite getting his revenge, will lead a miserable life unless he forgives his enemy. It shows how important forgiveness is for one to move and lead a content life.

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