Why Cheat India Review: Emraan Hashmi’s Rakesh Singh Act Passes The Test With Distinction

The Soumik Sen film narrates the story of a cheating mafia Rakesh Singh aka Rocky Bhaiya played by Raja Natwarlal star, Emraan Hashmi.

Emraan Hashmi as Rakesh Singh in Why Cheat India film

Why Cheat India is a serious competition to Emraan Hashmi’s amoral and serial kisser tag. The film narrates the story of a cheating mafia Rakesh Singh aka Rocky Bhaiya played by the Raja Natwarlal star. Rakesh has created an empire by gate-crashing the entrance examination protocol. Weaving a major business out of a scam, Rakesh signs up bright minds to write proxy exams for the undeserving ones who cannot crack it on their own. The former gets a chance to make some moolah whereas the latter get their degree without having to earn it the right way.

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But Rakesh is no Robin Hood. Rocky’s plan is as smooth as butter until he meets Sattu (Snigdhadeep Chatterjee), a student who aspires for a better life but gets sweet talked into Rakesh’s slippery scheme.

A still from Why Cheat India featuring Emraan Hashmi
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For a subject and stream never explored in the main line at this depth, Why Cheat India passes the test with distinction. Soumik Sen uncovers the flaws and scams that plague the education system of India in his second directorial venture. Vulnerable students, under the pressure of making it big in the world’s rat race, fall prey to the trap of cheating. Of course, Rakesh jumps on any opportunity to lure young minds into the world of crime and extra bucks to go with. He gets intelligent and class-topper students to write examinations for that incapable of getting through on their own in exchange for money. He also breaks into several other college examination level scandals along the way. Rocky Bhaiyya is the quintessential anti-hero and who better than our eternally wronged character star to play the part?

In his film, Soumik sheds light on the corruption and criminal practices that are carried out in the field of education in India. The exam paper mafia is one way to look at it with a deeper dive into the mind-set of Indian parents who treat their children as ‘bhavishya ki kamai’ and ‘budhape ka sahara’ very form the underlying theme of the movie. The cinematography of Sen’s flick does justice to a major extent to the plot, if not in entirety.

Why Cheat India targets hubs of education in India like Jhansi and Kota amongst others. The hunger for students from small town to ‘make it big’ is undying than those in metropolitan cities after all. If you think telecom and sports were the only industries tying the Indian economy to the bottom, Why Cheat India is an eye-opener for you. There are scams running at a far massive and larger scale that pose a serious threat to our future. However, you might feel a lack of connecting in several scenes in the film, blame it on decent editing.

Emraan Hashmi as Rakesh in Why Cheat India
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The second half of Why Cheat India amplifies the drama. The film in totality makes for quite an entertaining watch. And even though it is an Emraan Hashmi show from the word go, Shreya Dhanwanthary oozes confidence in all her scenes. Emraan’s performance as the astute Rakesh is impressive, the casting for his role couldn’t have been better. The concept, however, could have been exploited for more juice. There seems a potential untouched but despite all the drawbacks and flaws, you have enough on your plate to bite.

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