Who’s Your Daddy Review: A Dramedy That Will Keep You Guessing And Titillated

Harsh Beniwal and Rahul Dev shine as a father-son duo who look for true love and a normal life while operating a porn DVD store in this drama-comedy!

Who's Your Daddy On ZEE5 Review

ZEE5 original Who’s Your Daddy is a comedy series starring Rahul Dev and Harsh Beniwal in leading roles. It follows the story of a DVD store owner who sells blue films and ends up getting too involved in the lives of his customers. This series also features a host of female characters portrayed by Divinaa Thackur, Anveshi Jain, Kasturi Banerjee, and Lizaa Malik, who keep the story interesting. The main question throughout the show is who is actually the mother of Soggy’s son, Tidda. The series follows two parallel tracks, one from 2002 and 2020.

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Soggy (Harsh Beniwal) is the owner of a DVD store that sells porn DVDs in 2002 and a cable dealer in 2020. He is forced to use the help of his father Prem Singh (Rahul Dev) a retired Army subhedar, to deliver his porn DVDs. Prem Singh, whose wife is dead, slowly finds himself the fancy of Chibber (Anveshi Jain), Das (Kasturi Banerjee) and Pammi (Lizaa Malik). Soggy has his own flame as he tries to get the women he loves, Mehek (Divinaa Thackur), to marry him. All of this romance and confusion disrupts Soggy’s son’s love life when he tries to find out who is his mother.

Who’s Your Daddy is set in Delhi in 2002 and 2020. The show doesn’t waste time getting to its point. Tidda is caught in bed with a girl by the girl’s father. The father turns out to be Pissu who is Soggy’s sworn enemy since 2002. He tells Tidda to ask Soggy talk about his real mother. Tidda and Soggy live in Defence Colony in 2020 but were living in Lajpat Nagar in 2002. How they managed this leap is a bigger mystery than who is Tidda’s mother.

Harsh Beniwal brings his experience of numerous comedy YouTube videos to this show. He really sinks his teeth into his role as Soggy (he literally uses buckteeth to get in the role). Whether he is playing a romantic going after Mehek or the sleazy owner of a porn DVD store, he manages to look authentic. Fans of his YouTube videos will love this extended look at his acting.

Rahul Dev’s character undergoes the most transformation. He begins as a jobless ex-army subhedar, who has lost his wife and has no motivation. He just stays fit which makes him more than popular with the ladies. His own mother keeps taunting him and asks him to get a jab and remarry. His life turns around when he offers to become Soggy’s delivery boy and becomes the fancy of Soggy’s clients.

Chibber, Das, and Pammi are all upper-class ladies stuck in frustrating marriages or divorced. They try to use their money to fulfill their desires and Prem Singh is their collective fantasy. Class divide is a big part of Who’s Your Daddy. Even Mehek, the girl Soggy loves, is upper middle class and all her friends and family look down on her relationship with Soggy who comes from a poorer home.

The side characters are the ones who really maintain the flavour of the story in Who’s Your Daddy. Soggy’s best friends Mikka and Chuttan form a motley crew who accompany each other in all sorts of madcap adventures. Pissu, who is the real villain on the show, was once part of Soggy’s crew and helped him make blue films. However, Soggy refused to save him from the police and thus began their decades-long rivalry. Soggy’s Biji is probably the coolest woman on the show who is open about her past relationships, sneaks alcohol at wedding parties, and encourages people to lead a better life.

Chirag Arora makes a glowing debut as a director and shows promise after depicting the small localities and high-class society of Delhi with equal ease. He even wrote this series with Jatin Dua and his familiarity with the story is evident. The title track for the show sung by Akriti Kakkar sets the mood perfectly.

*This review is based on only the first six episodes which have been released. Stay tuned to find out the next six episodes of Who’s Your Daddy releasing soon.

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